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College Sucks 
12th-Oct-2008 07:28 pm
I just finished reading a 200+ page book about Sicily and Mafias. And, since my flist has been making lists, I thought, hey why not make a list of my own? So here it goes. Thanks to school. And a little work.

This week!
[x] Figure out what the heck it is my Eng prof wants for the essay due Wednesday.
[x] 5 page book review on Fighting the Mafia and Renewing Sicilian Culture [due Wed]
[ ] 4 page essay on whatisit? for Eng [due Wed]
[x] Study for Calc exam on Tuesday
[ ] Work 6:00-11:00 Tuesday night
[ ] Chem lab practical on Thursday
[ ] Bio Disc article due Friday
[ ] Work 6:00-12:00 Friday night

Other events:
Wedding on Saturday
Filipino Class on Sunday

Tell Zee about Filipino classes on random Sundays
Finish up last week's Chem lab
Stop thinking about what I have to do and just do it!

ETA: I like putting x's on my list. (: Also: totally didn't study for my calc exam and raped it with 45 mins to spare. I figured out what my prof wants on the essay [thank god my prof is cool]. So now, I'm inspired to write. woooo! [also got an A on my rewrite]. Currently feeling awesome.
13th-Oct-2008 03:55 am (UTC)

So fucking busyful.

When do you think you'll be free? :]
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